Stimulant presents: weird ads the world over

From an AR anti-violence campaign to a man with squirrels for hands, we look at what's catching the public's eye globally.

“You are travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, a journey into a wondrous land of imagination.” Next stop, stimulant’s global realm of “weirdvertising.”
A new cinema ad for BMW managed to really get inside people’s heads. Created by Serviceplan in Munich, and featuring Ruben Xaus, Superbike World Vice Champion, the ad emits a flash after which Xaus directs viewers to close their eyes. An after-image of the BMW logo is burned into the backs of their eyelids.
Germany also gave a window into a (very unpleasant) parallel world. In a campaign against domestic violence, an app developed by Munich-based Brand.David for non-profit organization Frauennotruf Munchen uses augmented reality tech to bring a more visceral layer to a print ad. The AR makes the image of a woman in the ad seem as though she is being struck by a fist when viewed using a smartphone camera. 

Finally, from the theatre of the absurd, care of Adventa Lowe in Kiev, Ukraine, comes a spot for candy brand Nuts Trio that features a gentleman with a very unique problem: he has squirrels for hands. Life was peachy-keen for the squirrel-sporting protagonist – his furry friends came in handy for a variety of tasks,  like unhooking bras – until he encountered Nuts Trio. You see, the squirrels like nuts even more than he does.
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