Stimulant presents the best of the Bowl

Strategy's sister publication runs through some of our top Super Bowl ad picks from south of the border.

From our friends over at Stimulant – the people that helped John St.’s ‘Pink Pony‘ video go viral – here are some of the best spots of the Super Bowl from either side of the border.

Volkswagen – The Force

The folks at Deutsch and Volkswagen have proven with this Super Bowl ad promoting the Passat that if there are indeed jedi knights in advertising, it’s them. Firstly, jedis are awesome and so is this ad. Seriously, it rocks. Its awesomeness is so unparalled that the other Super Bowl ads needn’t bother showing up. Lil’ Darth Vader’s reactions as he struggles to use the force are priceless. Secondly, nothing short of a powerful jedi mind trick could have convinced George Lucas to delve out the rights to make this ad possible for a cost less than equal to America’s GDP. We doubt that Deutsch has that much buying power so jedi mind trick it is. We could go on, but you should really just watch and enjoy. - Jonathan Paul

Opposites attract (us): Chrysler’s Detroit vs Audi’s jailbreak


Note: This is a teaser for the Audi spot. The Super Bowl version has been removed from YouTube on request of Audi.

Both of these ads are great for completely opposite reasons, but share so much in common – Grammy-winnning musicians (Eminem, Kenny G), outdated ideas of luxury and scenes of victory at the end. Venables Bell & Partners developed Audi’s Kenny G jailbreak opus, while Wieden + Kennedy made Chysler’s Motor City mashup with Eminem. 

Volkswagen Beetle – Forest

The second Super Bowl spot from Volkswagen, once more developed by Deutsch, stars a little black beetle with a large need for speed. Zooming across the forest floor, he does his best impression of a stunt car driver – whizzing past side-swiping centipedes and dodging oncoming ants. What’s the little guy promoting? You guessed it, the 21st century version of his vehicular namesake set to arrive this fall. - Jonathan Paul

Chevy – Bumblebee

Al’s Chevrolet car dealership has a deadly secret hiding in its car lot: an extraterrestrial robot in disguise. His name is Bumblebee. He’s an Autobot warrior from the planet Cybertron, a star of the upcoming movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a part-time Chevy Camaro and, as you can see in this cross-promotional spot by Goodby, Silverstein and partners, he’s also an ardent hater of mallet-wielding mascots. This post-game spot was developed for Chevy by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. - Jonathan Paul

Pepsi Max – Love Hurts

The whip-wielding girlfriend can be a terrible cliché, but in this case, it works because it’s hilarious! TBWA/Chiat/Day whipped up this ad for Pepsi Max.