Killer retail design

From Longo's and Lawtons to Grand & Toy and the SAQ, strategy checks out retailers who are stepping up their in-store design game.

We live in a fast-paced world where style is sometimes eschewed for the sake of speed and convenience. When it comes to buying items like groceries, office supplies, alcohol or pharmaceuticals, we expect our retail experience to have a certain level of organization, but we don’t typically frequent these locales to soak in the stunning design elements.
But in a world where a new big box store springs up every second (or so it seems), some retailers are realizing that design can be an important tool in their arsenal to stand out from the pack. They’re marrying convenience and the kind of design that makes customers stop and take note – and even spend a little extra time in the aisles. By focusing in on what the consumer really wants, and adding a few elements to wow them, these companies are turning the pursuit of everyday items into a unique shopping experience.
Read on to learn about a few retailers who are mastering the art of convenient design.

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Longo’s urban game plan

Grand & Toy targets small business

Lawtons puts its people first

The SAQ upscales upstairs

Global convenience