Queensland’s million dollar memo

A new campaign from Tourism Queensland has workplaces the world over competing for $1 million in travel incentives.

What tops the Best Job in the World? A million dollar memo. That’s how Tourism Queensland announced its new contest, developed by SapientNitro Australia.
Workplaces the world over are competing for the prize of $1 million in travel incentives. The goal is to make Queensland a top incentive travel destination, especially given the natural disasters that have plagued the region.
“Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia have embarked on a wide range of marketing activities to tell the world that Queensland’s tourism destinations are fully open for business,” says Paul Bennett, national managing director, Australia, SapientNitro.
Promotional elements included a print and LinkedIn media buy, social media marketing, 55,000 branded coffee cups, and stunts in cities including Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Taipei and Munich.
To enter, teams submit videos to Milliondollarmemo.com demonstrating why their business deserves to win a trip to Queensland. The contest has three phases: a top 50 shortlist, a final 20 list and an incentive challenge where reps from the final 20 travel to Queensland to compete in mini challenges. The winner will be announced on Aug. 31.
The campaign follows the highly-touted “Best Job in the World” contest Tourism Queensland launched in 2009, garnering entries from 197 countries. Both campaigns are part of a $6.9 million four-year marketing investment.