Crime Stoppers empowers witnesses

A new campaign by DDB assures callers of their anonymity while unmasking criminals.

Crime Stoppers Toronto is putting potential tipsters in the power position. A recently launched campaign encouraging calls reassures people that by protecting their anonymity the organization is giving them control over the criminals that plague their neighbourhoods.
Developed by DDB Canada’s Toronto office, the effort includes a TV ad, print, OOH and wild postings. The commercial, emphasizing the powerful force of anonymous witnesses, depicts a man attempting to stick up a variety store, only to find that the clerk and customers are disguised by balaclavas. Spooked, he retreats to the streets, where everyone he encounters has their identity similarly hidden while his face is fully exposed.
The print, postings and OOH show criminals who try to mask themselves by covering their faces with articles of clothing like a bandana or hoodie, however their likenesses are printed
on the material making it impossible to hide. They show that by giving tips people can help expose criminals.
“The idea of being anonymous turns the tables on criminals,” says Daniel Bonder, copywriter, DDB. “So, for us it was really important to both attract attention to the cause and speak to why we need to give tips.”
DDB developed the effort pro bono in collaboration with production and media partners who also donated their time and effort.

advertiser: Toronto Crime Stoppers
agency: DDB Canada
prodco: Untitled Films
post-production: Alter Ego
editing co: School Editing
audio: Grayson Matthews Music + Sound
stock/casting: Fade to Black
DOOH agency: Onestop media
photographer: Frank Hoedl, Westside Studio
printing: Pristine Printing
PR: Michael Communications PR Group
wild posting agency: Grassroots Advertising