Taxi makes a magazine

The agency's rebrand of Canada's Walk of Fame includes a makeover of its awards annual.

Taxi has entered the publishing game, complementing its rebrand of Canada’s Walk of Fame with a new version of the organization’s awards annual, giving it a magazine-style makeover. It’s the first time the Walk of Fame has ever worked with an AOR.
The magazine, Taxi’s first, is making its debut at the Oct. 1 Walk of Fame gala where eight 2011 inductees will receive their tribute, including Ryan Reynolds, Roberta Bondar, Daniel Nestor and the late Mordecai Richler. Dave Watson, CD, design, Taxi, says that in addition to profiling the inductees, the magazine is also about celebrating the achievements of Canadians globally.
“Canadians feel that if Ryan Reynolds does well in the States, as a country we all do well,” says Watson.
The gala marks the formal unveiling of the organization’s new Taxi-developed branding, including a new logo wherein a star is formed amidst swirling maple leaves. The new look was launched back in February.
“[Canada’s Walk of Fame] was at a crossroads to the point where they were even thinking about changing their name because it has the smacking of a knock-off of the American counterpart,” says Watson. “We found that they have so much equity in the name and that it was probably best to change perceptions with the visual identity and communications.”