The 2012 CASSIES winners revealed

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism and Target took home the Grand Prix and Gold in Sustained Success at last night's CASSIES awards.

“It is very vulgar to talk about one’s business. Only people like stockbrokers do that, and then merely at dinner parties.”
- John Wanamaker

Sorry John…

For the last two decades, the CASSIES have been battling that old John Wanamaker conundrum (you know the one, about half the money spent on advertising being wasted, but not knowing which half) by sharing the advertising that worked. Really, really well.

The CASSIES, the only Canadian ad awards recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published cases, was held Jan. 23 at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. That night, 32 campaigns that fit the bill with impressive results, directly attributable to advertising, were recognized by the ICA, in association with the AAPQ and APCM.

If you missed it, in efforts to help you with another Wanamaker chestnut – “Keep up the old standards, and day by day raise them higher” – you can readjust the bar by studying the full cases at

For everyone who likes their ad effectiveness inspiration in digest form, read on, and learn from the insights behind Canada’s most effective campaigns. As per yet another Wanamaker quote: “Nothing comes merely by thinking about it.”

All winning cases were edited by CASSIES editor David Rutherford.

Pictured: An image from the Grand Prix-winning case.


The Grand Prix:

Newfoundland captures travelling hearts


The Gold winners:

‘It’s all good’ for McCain revamp

SpongeTowels absorbs success

Smarties Blue Cat has purrfect timing

Caramilk’s success is no secret

James Ready’s helping hand (Globe Creative Effectiveness Prize winner)

Subaru’s sexy sumos

OLG plays a winning hand at poker

Subaru gets out more


The Silver winners:

SpongeTowels woos Quebecers

STM puts society in motion

Molson Canadian 67 targets non-beer drinkers

Reactine gets serious

Kruger Products dresses up Cashmere

Familiprix puts itself in consumers’ shoes

Tetley Infusions targets powder addicts

Tassimo cracks the (bar)code

Boston Pizza becomes a wing expert

Tetley sets the mood


The Bronze winners:

Telus goes pink

Buckley’s gets mucous ‘up and out’

Quaker Oatmeal makes breakfast amazing

Boston Pizza finger cooks

Pepsi MAX mouths off

Vector targets moments of sweat

Kit Kat Chunky gets a big boost

Subaru WRX gets animated

Sexy comes standard with 2011 Forester

Yellow Pages unveils its 360º Solution

Sapporo builds a mythology

CTC asks visitors to keep exploring

Libro shares customers’ life stories