Art Director’s Club hires new executive director

Ignacio Oreamuno, founder of, becomes the first Canadian and youngest person to serve on the board for the organization.

Ignacio Oreamuno, founder and president of the advertising industry hub, has been hired as the new executive director for the Art Directors Club (ADC) in New York City.

Officially starting his role with the 92-year-old organization next week, Oreamuno will be the youngest executive director to join the ADC, as well as the first Canadian. His first mandate will be to establish the ADC as an international networking club, as well as a place that offers training and education to industry professionals.

“The ADC wanted someone who can bring change to the organization and move them forward in a new era. I’ve always been someone who wants to push boundaries, so I feel honoured that they see me as the one to do that,” Oreamuno tells strategy. “I want to see the ADC become a lily pad for creative people where they can make connections and leap to their next venture.”

Within the advertising industry, there are few places where creatives can go to upgrade their skills, he says. “If you go to any agency and ask the creative director when the last time he or she did any executive training, they likely won’t know. The ADC will become a place that offers continuing education and insight into the latest trends.”

Born in Costa-Rica, Oreamuno immigrated to Canada where he studied advertising and launched in 2001—the community-based publication for creatives by creatives. He also launched Portfolio Night, the world’s first-ever international portfolio review.