Next Big Things

From the app-ification of brands to adopting new technology to developing new partners, we look at what's new and next in the marketing landscape.

Brands are developing ways to be part of the consumer’s life, and have the consumer be part of the brand story as well.

To that end, marketers are developing deeper content programs, and brands are playing a new interface role, helping consumers make more informed decisions.

The entertainment side of brand content has teched-up too, with holograms, augmented reality and other social/mobile-friendly variants beyond utility.

All of this is changing who brands collaborate with, and where creative ideas are coming from.

Read on to see where brands are going for Next Big Thing intel, how brand content is evolving and what brand-as-interface role consumers are ready to embrace as the marketplace techs up.

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New partners for a new reality

The new branded content

Brand storytelling gets (seriously) tech-ified

Tech to watch

The next big brand content formula: unique experiences

Infographic: What consumers want now + next