Luncheon Roundtable

Be sure to sign up on-site for a BCON Luncheon Roundtable session, a chance for a more intimate discussion with ...

Be sure to sign up on-site for a BCON Luncheon Roundtable session, a chance for a more intimate discussion with an expert on a specific aspect of branded content.


So you need a matchmaker …

Sunni Boot
, President and CEO, ZenithOptima Canada

Producers are looking for brands to fund projects, and brands are looking for creative content producers to tell their stories. Sunni Boot, legendary Canadian media agency leader, is their uber-matchmaker. Over lunch she’ll discuss deals and offer sage advice … any maybe even suggest a possible partner.
So you need a deal-maker …

Tony Chapman
, CEO & Partner, Capital C Partners

Chapman’s job is to put the brand into content – strategically. Over lunch, Chapman will talk about rules of the deal. He’s worked with many of the top-ranked brands in the marketing world and Capital C’s branded content creds include Cadbury’s “Land of Chocolate,” Pepsi’s “Pop Life Magazine, and Kraft’s “Hockeyville.” 
So you want to make a movie . . .

Randy Stein
, Partner, Creative Grip Limited

The Movie Out Here, a 90-minute feature film featuring a group of buddies reunited in a ski town, debuted earlier this year at the Whistler Film Fest, capping a long promotional campaign for Labatt’s Kokanee brand. Over lunch, Stein, a CD at Grip, the agency behind the film, will discuss the genesis and launch of Canada’s first beer-produced flick. 
So you want to make a branded web series …

Jeff Peeler
, President & Executive in Charge of Brand Integration, Frantic Films

Windy City is a short format scripted comedy series featuring characters that live, work and play in Winnipeg’s downtown core. In his latest project for Frantic, Peeler takes local branded content to the next level leveraging stakeholders with a vested interest in promoting the city. Over lunch, Peeler will discuss new forms of digital entertainment that includes product integration and placement.
So you want to build cool social media campaigns …

Chris Unwin
, Founder, Free Agency

The #DewAwesome Project, a pop-up blog and web series hosted on, saw fans follow influencer snowboard bloggers leading up to Mountain Dew’s national Rail Jam. Unwin, who has spent the last eight years developing branded entertainment through collaboration with the music industry, advertisers and media brands like MuchMusic/MTV, will talk about how to build content like #DewAwesome – that entertains AND delivers business objectives.