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Need to know what to expect tomorrow (or catch up to today)? Strategy's new daily is here to help.

Consumer habits change so quickly that being on top of – and getting ahead of – the next big shift is increasingly keeping marketing and agency execs up at night.

To address that top priority strategy is launching its latest daily – joining the ranks of stimulant, Media in Canada and the Shopper Marketing Report - focused on innovation, trends, research and the news you need to know about.

Whether that’s looking at promising new tech, innovative campaigns from forward-thinking brands, important deals, or a deep dive into what’s shaping tomorrow, strategydaily is designed to help alleviate some future-stress by curating what’s important now and next.

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Meet the team behind the daily

Megan Haynes, editor, strategy online. Haynes is a technophile in spirit and loves writing about all things science and tech. She’s covered the most random of topics, from space junk (it’s a real problem) and airships to neuromarketing and augmented reality. Got some cool research coming out? A new or innovative project from your agency partners? Or just feel like chatting about a trend you noticed? She’s the one to reach out to. But be prepared: her favourite question is “Why does this matter?” so may we suggest having that answer ready. mhaynes@brunico.com.

Matthew Chung, news editor, strategy. Chung cut his teeth in the news world, pulling stints at the Toronto Star, Canadian Press, Abu Dhabi’s The National Newspaper and Metro, before joining strategy’s ranks a year ago. He’s got a nose for all things important, but sometimes it’s okay to help him out. Made a major hire? Got a ridiculously (or even moderately) cool campaign? Did you buy a company recently? He’s the guy to talk to. mchung@brunico.com

Mary Maddever, strategy and Playback publisher, VP/editorial director Brunico Communications. Maddever leads content strategy and product development on many Brunico brands, most recently stream dailywhich covers the global online entertainment biz, and now strategydaily. As exec editor of strategy, she launched Media In Canada, stimulant, as well as new award programs and event franchises. Prior to strategy, Maddever helmed the editorial launch of RealScreen, an international non-fiction brand, and was editor of global kids entertainment biz magazine KidScreen, and before that, editor of Playback.

The plan for strategydaily is to curate the best of what’s happening in Canadian marketing circles, which we cover via our niche media and creative brands, and to also pull in the major influences and innovation affecting marcom, including audience and content trends gleaned from Brunico’s above-mentioned entertainment industry sources.

If you have feedback, shoot it to Mmaddever@brunico.com

To advertise with strategydaily, please contact:

Neil Ewen, advertising sales supervisor newen@brunico.com

Kelly Nicholls, account manager, knicholls@brunico.com

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