Check it out: a heated keyboard to keep kitty close

Meow Mix asked people to put on their thinking "cats" for new feline-friendly inventions.

Meow Mix

We can’t decide if this invention from Meow Mix is genius, or just plain bonkers. It’s sort of the same feeling we have about cat people in general (well, mostly those that like to lug their pets in cat carriers or treat them to a day at the spa/hotel).

The brand that brought us the annoyingly catchy cat jingle, “Meow, meow, meow,” has created the next big thing in feline furniture. “Hot Keys” is a fake, squishy keyboard that’s powered via a computer USB and that heats up while a person is working on their laptop. What’s the point, you ask? Well, to keep kitty nearby at all times, of course. You see, by having a pad that looks like a keyboard, your feline friend will be tricked into thinking it’s annoying you by stomping on your “computer” and then stay put under it’s heated pad. That’s what we call a win-win.

And the best part about this little contraption is that it was invented by a consumer. The brand and its agency EVB in the U.S. put out a call for ideas for cat inventions from anyone in the world through it’s “Catstarter” program (naturally playing on the crowdfunding Kickstarter name) and this one got top marks from thousands of “backers.”

Other ideas that were in the running include a “Fit Mat” which is “a food mat that’s also a scale, so you can monitor your cat’s weight and eating habits to make sure he stays healthy” as well as a “Mouse Mouse” that’s “a remote controlled toy mouse that mimics the movement of your computer cursor… So you can play with your cat when you’re busy.”

Are you a proud and loud cat person? What ideas do you have to improve the day-to-day cat life?

From Stimulant