How to win in Québec

Unilever and Bob share what works now Lynn CaigerSr. Shopper Marketing LeadUnilever Canada Dominic PrigentShopper Marketing DirectorBob Claudéric ...

Unilever and Bob share what works now

Lynn Caiger

Sr. Shopper Marketing Lead
Unilever Canada

Dominic Prigent

Shopper Marketing Director

Claudéric St-Amand

VP, Creative and Strategy

Creating a shopper marketing program in Québec raises a complex set of challenges for brands and retailers alike. Discover how CPG giant, Unilever, works with Montréal-based Agence Bob and Québec retailers, Jean Coutu, Metro and IGA to create at least 30 annual campaigns for multiple brands including Dove, Axe, Hellman’s, Knorr and Becel.

You will learn:

  • The unique characteristics of the Québec shopper and best practices for targeting them.
  • Case study examples of Unilever’s successful shopper marketing programs with retailers in Québec.
  • When to adapt and when to create custom campaigns for the Québec market.
  • Tried and true shopper techniques of leading brands and retailers in Québec.
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