Get your brand welcomed into homes

Six degrees of interaction: direct mail's power to live on.

Brands and marketers all want to break through the noise – and there’s plenty of noise in our fast-paced, highly distracted and digitally saturated lives.

What if there was a way to do even more than get attention – to trigger action by placing your brand right in customers’ hands and having it live in their homes? (Did that get your attention?)
That’s how consumers experience direct mail. When Canadians get advertising mail that’s relevant to them, they not only touch it and interact with it–they welcome it into their homes. This is true across generations. From Millennials to Boomers to everyone in between, Canadians notice, open, read, keep, share and display direct mail. That’s six distinct ways your brand and message gets into the home and lives on for long-lasting impact.

Research has generated insights that open up the homes, hearts and minds of consumers so marketers can understand them better. It has shown:

  • 74% of Canadians sometimes or always notice advertising in direct mail. They pick it up, bring it home and sort it – all opportunities for attention that other mediums can’t provide.
  • 85% open mail that looks interesting. An engaging, relevant message gives a mail piece the ability to stand out – so creative counts!
  • 67% read direct mail catalogues and 40% save them for a month or longer. It’s no wonder that catalogues are coming back in Canada, in different sizes and shapes – and smarter and interactive.
  • 33% keep the mail they read – giving a brand repeat opportunities to make a lasting impact.
  • 71% share direct mail. The age group most likely to share? Millennials, with 77% who do so. (Don’t fall for the myth that Millennials lead nothing but digital lives.)
  • 81% of Canadians display direct mail. As a physical medium, from coupons on fridges to brochures on coffee tables, direct mail has a way of staying around and in sight. That invites repeated attention and means more opportunity for action.

The personal rituals around mail in Canadian homes spell opportunity for brands and marketers. Mail is the only channel that consumers can touch. From ground-breaking neuromarketing research, we also know what its physicality means: compared to digital media, mail is easier to understand, more persuasive and better able to stimulate emotion and memory. There’s more about the journey that mail takes in the home – and how brands can put it to work in the home – at

Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM is a more intelligent approach to direct mail. It combines those proven physical attributes of mail to drive action, the targeting capabilities of data to increase effectiveness, and the connective qualities of other media to amplify impact.

Breaking through the noise and driving action for brands is possible with the right approach. Direct mail is a proven way to do it – and to generate a measurable response and an impressive return on investment.