Agency A-List – Meet the agencies of the future

Canada's top creative, media and PR shops are all radically expanding their arsenal of skills to meet brands' next needs.


There’s seismic change afoot in the marcom industry. Over the past few years in particular, it’s happened at a breakneck pace. New tech and platforms are flooding the marketplace. Consumers are changing habits faster than they change socks. Marketers are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less.

Tasked with helping brands navigate this ever-changing terrain, agencies are, more and more, looking to augment their core in-house offerings.

From media to PR and creative agencies, investing in the right in-house intelligence is a key element, as is boosting strategic ranks. They’re mixing science with strategy to better deliver for clients – be it with more disruptive creative, more targeted media campaigns or more seamless experiences – in an increasingly complex and cluttered marketplace.

Many are offering fast and flexible content production services, and also being creative with compensation models.

The agencies profiled here – The A List – are all Creative Report Card toppers, major award show winners and Agency of the Year contenders, indicating their vision for the future of marketing is on the right track.

Yes, it is indeed a brave new world, but there’s one line that continues to resonate throughout the industry: there’s never been a more exciting time to be in this business.

The Agency A List stories originally ran in the June Cannes issue.