Check it out: Staying young at heart

The Ottawa International Animation Festival reaches out to people who never outgrew their fondness for cartoons.


As much as we like to subscribe to this idea of “adulting,” some of us never grow up — and that’s precisely what the Ottawa International Animation Festival is counting on.

For this year’s week-long fest, which takes place Sept. 21 to 25, OIAF and agency McMillan created a series of posters (as it has done in previous years, with similar colourful, quirky animations) that remind people they’re never too old to enjoy “cutting-edge, thoughtful, funny and provocative animation films,” from old-school-style cartoons to new-age digital illustration at the downtown Ottawa event.

Turning 40 itself this year, the fest can get away with making over-the-hill jokes, and boy did it go to (creepy) town with these images of wrinkly seniors doing things we (and we think the kids in them would agree) would prefer they didn’t.

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