CASSIES Bronze: TD dreams with small business owners

Leo Burnett's campaign partnered with small businesses to change perceptions of the bank.
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Bronze | Services
Agency | Leo Burnett

TD had advertised its commitment to helping small businesses grow, but the message hadn’t stuck. Small business owners actually believed the opposite about the big bank. But the brand saw an opportunity with Small Business Month to promote the entrepreneurs its services help, rather than promoting itself.

It launched the six-week “Official Partner of Big Dreams” program nationally in September 2015, providing ad space to small business customers on TD’s media platforms, such as billboards. A supporting campaign across digital and in-branch signage was introduced to further entice small businesses to meet with the bank’s small business managers.

The campaign ran for six weeks across OOH, print, social media and digital with a $1-million budget. Online appointment bookings increased 300% from the prior year, increasing incremental in-branch traffic by 43%. The campaign drove a 7% lift in new account openings and ROI of $4 for every $1 spent. TD’s consideration among small business non-customers increased 25% from the prior year.