CrowdCare is now

The AI-based customer service company has also secured new funding to fuel a global expansion.

CrowdCare, a Toronto-based company that provides AI-powered customer support, has rebranded to as it looks to expand its services to new markets.

The new brand comes from the name of the company’s main product, the Wysdom platform.

Using natural language processing and machine learning, the platform allows enterprise clients to provide automated customer support through interfaces including Facebook Messenger, Twitter and in-app chat. It also does this through patented technology that provides the Wysdom app visability and access to smart devices without updating its software.

Originally a personal assistant app meant to help users diagnose and fix problems with their mobile device, Wysdom was relaunched in 2015 as a platform for wireless providers to provide support for any internet-connected device – from mobile devices to smart home tech like TVs, cars and appliances. While wireless providers in Canada and the U.S. remain its primary customers (including Rogers, Fido and Virgin), the last two years have seen the company speaking about the broader possibilities in the customer care space, beyond device support.

“We saw an opportunity years ago to combine the emergence of machine learning applied to understanding a natural language phrase from a customer with a massive amount of customer data that would refine that understanding,” said Ian Collins, CEO and co-founder of, in a press release. “After applying that formula successfully to our first few large enterprise clients and spending a few years evolving the solution in partnership with our customers, we’ve found ourselves in a perfect position to dominate the emerging category of cognitive care.”

Adding “AI” or “.ai” has become a bit of a naming cliches for companies – whether they actually leverage the emerging technology or not – but the company does seem to have the capabilities to back up its new name. After learning from customer interactions over the years it has been operational, the company says the Wysdom interface can ask 125,000 different questions with a 97.5% precision rate. The company also says its clients have seen a 60% containment rate on customer inquires made through the platform.

In addition to the corporate rebranding, Wysdom also announced it has raised a further $8.5 million in funding, which it will use to help its global growth goals. The company already serves clients in North America, South America and Europe.