Amazon wants to make sense of your connected devices

A new dedicated service will help customers deal with the volume and unstructured nature of IoT data.

There were a lot of product and service announcements to come out of Amazon’s Web Services’ Re:invent conference Wednesday – a “DeepLense” camera that could help developers run AI-powered image recognition functions, a new analysis tool for video content, and new ways to use Alexa in the office and boardroom.

But one in particular – AWS IoT Analytics – should stand out to anyone that has had to sort through the mountains of data they’ve collected through connected devices (or to anyone dreading how high that mountain will grow now that Alexa is finally set to arrive in Canada).

Amazon’s new service is dedicated to helping customers analyze data collected through IoT tech. Unlike a more general business intelligence service like Amazon’s QuickSight, however, IoT Analytics is specifically geared to the unique needs of the internet of things world. Besides the sheer volume of data these devices provide, most of it is unstructured, making it hard to analyze or organize using traditional tools or methods.

IoT Analytics is an automated service that filters, sorts and stores IoT data in such a way that it can have regular queries applied to it for analysis and be visualized for greater understanding. It also helps with predictive analytics by applying pre-built functions, enriches data with external information (like weather) and helps clean it up by making sure it fits within pre-determined parameters.

Overwhelming data volume and analysis is a problem tech companies and consultancies alike have been attempting to solve. Last month, for example, Dell launched a new IoT division focused on using its cloud computing solutions and advisory services to help customers in this arena.