Top Shops

How Canada's production partners are crafting new brand narratives.

Photo StudioIncreasing demand for extended commercials, short films and even longer form brand content have made the importance of storytelling craft and its visual impact a significant competitive differentiator for the industry. Add to that the explosion of new technology and demand for ads with AR/ VR, animation and other CG elements and it is evident that a savvy prodco is an essential partner in the creative process.

Creative ideas get brands noticed but it’s the vision and flair of production and post-production talent that can turn good creative into great creative. Practitioners of the crafts of editing, film direction, sound design and special effects as well as end-to-end production, are continuing to evolve their skills and offerings as industry needs change. Strategy profiles some of the shops that help bring brand stories to life, and how they are adapting to the needs of the new marketplace.