Make your nominations for New Establishment: Brand

Send in your picks for the program, which fills the hole left by 30 Under 30, by August 3.

If 2018 was the year an extraordinary junior or mid-level marketer made their mark in your or a client’s office, now’s your time to build a case for Media in Canada to recognize them in the New Establishment: Brand awards program.

We’re currently looking for the second round of entrants after having selected Media winners, who will be featured in the Media Innovation Awards annual later this fall. Nominations for marketing professionals are now being accepted until Aug. 3.

The New Establishment program evolved after merging with Marketing magazine’s popular 30 Under 30 late last year. It exists to celebrate pioneers in the industry at the junior and mid-level, but it is not bound to an upper age limit.

For those ready to nominate, here’s what you need to know:

We are asking you to nominate someone you work with who is known to be exceptional by everyone around them. We don’t just mean they’re exceptional because they’re nice, or they work hard — we’re sure they’re all of those things. We want to hear about results and achievements that prove that they’re New Establishment material.

Maybe they took the lead on a research initiative to inform a new campaign. Maybe they came to the table with an explosive new idea that led to an amazing piece of work. Maybe they raged against the status quo and convinced the team to try something different, with noteworthy results.

If this sounds like someone you know, we encourage you to fill out the nomination form here. You can nominate co-workers, bosses, employees, rivals or even yourself. Our editorial team will review all of the applications to determine who piques our interest enough to continue researching.

Once we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll be contacting co-workers, managers, clients and partners to get a better sense of how the nominee stands out.

Anyone considering tossing their hat in the ring can get more details at The New Establishment’s FAQ.