Nano Influencers: your army of authenticity

How Peersway is using tech to build transparency and ROI for brands influencer programs

Article-headerAfter a year of seismic blunders by social media platforms like Facebook and brand influencers like Kylie Jenner (Pepsi), it’s no surprise we’re seeing a shift in user behaviors. Consumers are no longer looking for mass reach via celebrity or insta-famous influencer endorsements, they want to hear from people they can relate to. Nano influencers provide brands with more authentic and credible content with a much stronger return on investment.

The growth of nano influencers is undeniable in today’s digital marketing space. Who are they? Nano influencers are everyday people with less than 10,000 followers. With small online communities, their followers listen to their opinions and are more engaged.

A Peersway survey of 5,000 influencers currently working with the platform found that for the same budget, Nano Influencers create 10X more content and deliver 3X higher engagement than Macro Influencers.

Of course, managing a fleet of nano-influencer programs requires new methodologies and partners. Toronto-based Peersway is one such solution, as it provides the technology for brands to work with nano influencers in a cost-effective and scalable manner. Peersway is a word-of-mouth marketing platform connecting brands with thousands of nano influencers across North America.

Peersway’s model eliminates the need to set-up individual contracts with each influencer, saving brands and agencies the time strain and challenges of influencer marketing. The social program partner streamlines the process by posting a campaign application and invites interested influencers to apply. The system is designed to help maximize marketing dollars by finding the right influencers for each campaign. Brands pay a fixed price of $100 per influencer per post which includes influencer compensation and Peersway’s fees for managing the entire campaign. This brings down the cost-per-engagement (CPE) for brands who pay less than $0.25 per engagement (likes & comments), which is about 40% less than other influencer marketing services.

Transparency and brand image is an issue in the Influencer space and Peersway ensures that all influencers participating in campaigns clearly indicate that they have received products or are being compensated. Peersway manages the full scope of nano influencer programs to ensure high quality images, following predetermined brand guidelines, and staying within campaign timelines. The service also pre-collects permission so brands can republish any of the influencers images across owned marketing channels.

Peersway’s network of influencers have promoted some of the most iconic brands across the consumer packaged goods, food & beverages, events, and electronics industries, working with agency partners to promote brands like Skittles, Gillette, and Duracell to name a few.

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