Call for 2019 Brands of the Year now open

Strategy is accepting nominations for companies that have a marketing success story to tell.


For the first time, strategy is opening up a call to the industry for Brand of the Year nominations − but only for the next three weeks, as the deadline for submissions closes July 4, 2019.

So what are the makings of a Brand of the Year?

First, the company should have deployed a marketing strategy, transformation, or repositioning with legs. Meaning, the first signs of a foundational shift should have occurred several years ago, continuing into the current year (and beyond). Second, recognizing that impact is not always immediate, 2019 should be considered the pinnacle year for said long-term strategy. Positive results, from heightened brand metrics to an elevated market share, should be evident.

If you work for, or with, a brand that has seen impressive transformational success, you can nominate them for the title in a 500-word case that details how it meets the criteria above. Submissions can be sent to Jennifer Horn.

Brands of the Year are chosen by the editorial team as part of the annual program, which are then profiled in the October print issue of strategy. This year, the top marketing organization’s will be revealed and awarded at the Strategy Awards, an evening gala taking place following the Marketing Evolution Summit on October 1.