Nudge.AI is shutting down

The Toronto-based startup faced "challenges" in finding new funding for its CRM-focused artificial intelligence platform.

Nudge.AI, which used artificial intelligence to automatically fill potential gaps in CRM data, has announced that it will be ending operations.

In a statement on the company’s website, co-founders Steven Woods and Paul Teshima expressed pride in the work the startup had been able to accomplish and gratitude to its staff, investors and customers. They did not specify what led to the decision to close down, but Teshima told BetaKit a combination of factors made raising more funding, finding its next options and continuing to grow the business a challenge.

“We pushed hard, we built interesting things, we wrestled with tough decisions, we fought for victories and overcame setbacks,” the statement said. “Ultimately, we didn’t make it, but we had the opportunity to try, and for that we are deeply thankful.”

Founded in 2014 as Nudge Software, Nudge.AI was most recently focused on a CRM platform that used artificial intelligence to pull data from communications platforms –  including email, phones, chat platforms and even calendar appointments – to automatically enter professional interactions and relationships that staff might not otherwise think to enter into a CRM system. It also used its analysis of communications with those relationships to identify when leads and customers might be at risk and need attention, as well as who within the organization they might need attention from.

The company noted in its announcement that the app would be available in a limited state until the end of the month, allowing clients to download any data that is currently stored in the platform. Clients previously listed on Nudge.AI’s website include MaRS, Uberflip, Allocadia and PathFactory. The company had more than 20 employees, who were listed at the bottom of the statement with an encouragement for other companies to hire them.

Though it was a supplement to these systems, Nudge was facing competition from the likes of Salesforce and Adobe, which have been building out the AI capabilities of their own CRM platforms. Nudge offered Salesforce integration to automate certain tasks and identify new sales opportunities, though automation functions are something Salesforce has been working to expand itself.