The New Collaborators

Creative production solutions for brands' new content needs

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In simple terms, good collaboration is a case of matchmaking. Does one company’s skills meet the needs of another? Do the cultures and people gel? When expertise and chemistry align, it can be a productive match made in heaven.

However, as in the search for a romantic union, it can sometimes feel like the perfect partner just doesn’t exist.

A keen sense of “what’s missing in the market” has been fuel for the fire for the New Collaborators featured in this report. Recognizing that business as usual was failing to ignite the necessary sparks for clients, these companies have developed new models, expanded skill sets and invested in their talent and infrastructure.

From developing agile ways of producing content and streamlining services, to completely disrupting how brands and agencies access talent and expertise, the new collaborators are positioning themselves to be a perfect match for the evolving needs of advertisers.