Strategy’s 2020 Pharma Report

So, it's been a pretty quiet year in pharma. Not much happening. Er...Not so much.

Intro-altThis past year has been a transformative one for the pharma industry – and the agencies it partners with.

For one, it has massively accelerated the digital shift, moving communications away from empty waiting rooms and conference halls and into the virtual realm. And it’s not likely going back anytime soon. This is the new norm.

But, it’s even more complicated than just that. Going digital is fine and all, but now you have to deal with the fact that everyone – and we mean everyone – is talking about health right now. Your doctor. Your lawyer. Your MP. Your Aunt Martha… (Especially Aunt Martha.) Every inbox in the country is overflowing with medical information and advice – a lot of it… shall we say… dubious?

That’s a lot of noise to break through. It’s become that much harder to push good, solid new information into the market.

Brands understand this is not a short-term issue. COVID kicked off with a bit of panic shopping and campaign adjustment to fit the new normal. But now, clients are expecting new strategies that deliver real results in what has become a much more complicated landscape.

You have to find ways to deal with the limitations of the short term while you plan for the long.

So, how are our pharma specialists working in this brave new world? We asked a few to find out.

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