Advertising jury revealed for 2021 Marketing Awards

As the final deadline approaches, meet the 20 experts who will help determine this year's top creative work.

The Advertising category is one of the Marketing Awards’ most hotly-contested, and now the judges who will be making the tough calls have been announced.

Joining previously announced co-chairs Chris Bergeron, VP, content experience at Cossette, and Aaron Starkman, CCO and managing partner at Rethink, are 20 experts from across the advertising industry. The full list can be found below.

Due to the volume of entries expected, they will be assisted in their task by a shortlist jury that will help narrow the field down to the top-calibre work. The shortlist jury will be announced next week alongside juries for the Design, Craft and Multicultural categories.

This year’s Marketing Awards will take place on June 30, starting bright and early with a live, virtual winners announcement beginning at 9 a.m.

The final deadline for entries is April 9. More information, including entry criteria for all categories, can be found on the Marketing Awards website.

2021 Marketing Awards Advertising Jury

Chris Bergeron, VP, content experience, Cossette (co-chair)
Aaron Starkman, CCO, managing partner, Rethink (co-chair)
Katie Ainsworth, VP, CD, PSDDB
Noreel Asuro, group CD, The&Partnership
Anthony Chelvanthan, ECD, Edelman
Wain Choi, ECD, Zulu Alpha Kilo
Denise Cole, co-founder, CD, Juliette
Rosalinda Graziano, CD, Freelance
Marie-Benedict Jacquemin, CD, QuatreCentQuatre
Kevan Kalyan, creative group head, Target
Nellie Kim, ECD, Lg2
Edmund Lam, ECD, Bleublancrouge
Lisa Lebedovich, CD, Will Creative
Rachel McCready, ECD, Klick Health
Maxine McDonald, senior director, Media Profile
David Mueller, CD, Bensimon Byrne
Fredrick Nduna, CD, Gut
Gail Pak, CD, McCann Canada
Deborah Prenger, CD, Branderos
Hayes Steinberg, partner and CCO, The Mark
Krista Webster, president, Veritas, and vice-chair, MDC
Jen Wilson-Canham, CD, Freelance