There’s a new metric in town: Receptivity

Now brands can start measuring the attention level of users before showing them ads.

The ad metrics marketers use every day like click-through rate and viewability are fine, but everyone knows they could, and should be relying on better data to assess the success of their ad campaigns. The main issue with the data is that it’s all set in the past.

Click-through rate and viewability can only be measured after a campaign is over. Targeting through third party cookies has similar issues. Yes cookies provide a lot of information, but ultimately all we’re doing with them is taking wild guesses based on past user behaviours like site visits and purchases. That doesn’t always mean the user will want to buy your product, and it especially doesn’t guarantee they’re paying attention when shown your ad.

Up to now, the goal of the ad industry has always been to make sure their ads are being seen, and that they’re being seen by qualified users. But one question remains: is the user paying attention now? Current metrics only tell you that an ad was shown but no metric gives you what you’re really looking for: Users looking at their screen and paying attention. Until now.

The attention Metric

It’s not about past behaviours, it’s about a user’s current human context.
REC_Strategy_Article_755x377px_v1That’s the problem Receptivity solves. Receptivity isn’t an ad metric, it’s an attention metric developed by Montreal-based ad tech company, Contxtful. The information it uncovers is the human context of a user, so brands only show ads to people who are engaged with their mobiles and ready to see an ad.

To improve the efficacy of mobile interactions by measuring human context (without invading privacy) Contxtful created a patented AI model to analyze data coming from a phone’s motion sensors like the gyroscope and accelerometer. This reveals if a user is lying down in bed or if they have a phone in their hand, and whether or not they’re focused on the screen.

Receptivity can assess the level of attention of users in real-time, as soon as they open a webpage or app. There’s never any stored data so user privacy is respected, and the signals used can only be produced by a phone, which weeds out the bots.

Receptivity: the products

Buy the best impressions, or see how receptive your media placements were. 
REC_Strategy_Article_755x377px_v2You can use Receptivity via two different products: Receptive Audiences and Measurement. Audiences are groups of premium users advertisers can buy impressions for directly from Contxtful’s partner publishers. Measurement is a simple tag added to ad containers to track the level of Receptivity of a campaign, even if the ads also run on non-partner sites.

Brands that have stopped using metrics based on the past and embraced Receptivity’s attention metrics have seen impressive results. Insurer La Capitale saw an 88% increase in conversion rate when they used Receptive Audiences, while Reitmans saw an 18% decrease in cost-per-session after analyzing their media placements with Receptive Measurement. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about how Receptivity is revolutionizing the mobile ad industry visit the Contxtful website