The deadline is approaching for New Establishment: Innovators

Readers have until Feb. 11 to nominate big thinkers who go beyond their job description.

The deadline for nominations in the third and final category in strategy’s New Establishment program – Innovators – is coming up fast.

This time, we’re looking for junior and mid-level professionals who went beyond their day-to-day responsibilities to change the face of the Canadian communications industry. They’re the early movers, creative thinkers, and innovative doers whose grit, initiative and accomplishments the industry should know about.

Another difference between the Innovator and our previous Brand and Media categories is that this one is open to all companies from all sides of the industry. That includes agencies, brands, vendors, media companies, tech companies and more.

While we’re looking for entrants from diverse professional backgrounds, one thing’s for sure: we want nominees who are exceptional. And we don’t just mean they work hard and are nice people.

We’re talking about people who go beyond the expectations set out in their job description. We want people who have created new solutions to issues either in-house or industry-wide. We’re looking for employees who have built new things from the ground up, have had the courage to buck the status quo and have tried things differently – with big results.

If you know someone who fits the bill, you can nominate them here. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 11.

Check out previous year’s New Establishment: Innovator winners, like Tennile Cooper of She Is Epic, Michael Romaniuk of Zulu Alpha Kilo, and Shereen Ladha of McCann.