Welcome to the agency of now

How Canada's indie leaders are evolving their models to meet brand's changing needs.

indielist-image3Everyone spent the last two years realigning priorities, and the agencies on this year’s Indie List shared that process of re-evaluation.

Some have been in business decades, and decided it was time to reboot and start a second life. Some believe growing headcount and overhead is a thing of the past, so are staying flexible, drawing talent as needed from the growing cohort of freelancers. None are waiting until it’s safe to come out of their foxholes.

Winston Churchill reputedly remarked, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” He believed if the Allies waited until after World War 2 to reshape the post-war world, any opportunity to do so would have already been lost.

Visionary agencies know if they don’t take the opportunity to reshape the future, the future will reshape them. Here’s how Canada’s indie agency leaders see the future of marketing and role of agencies unfolding.

The Indie List:

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Agnostic: Consumer-driven solutions win the room

Doug&Partners: The difference intellectual diversity makes

Target: Master storytellers

Rain: helping brave brands grow

Art & Science: Leading the transformation

G&G: A decade of rewards from risk

Labour: Rebranded agency puts innovative model to “work” for brands

Round: Small is beautiful. And effective.

Here Be Monsters: Helping brands navigate unchartered waters

m5: An agency beyond borders