The new collaborators

The partners behind this year's next gen content programs

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.47.14 AMPeople want less (and less) ads in their lives, so brands are in a continual pivot, trying different – and deeper ways and means to reclaim consumers’ attention. Increasingly, they’re relying on tapping partners whose depth of content expertise can help make it happen.

“We’re here to help.”

Those four little words can make a world of difference.

Despite the uncertainty of the last couple of years – or maybe because of it –, many Canadian brands have chosen this time to reinvent themselves. Sometimes their new marketing needs call for the skills of highly specialized partners to get the job done.

Cue the New Collaborators. To get a sense of how brands are meeting changing audience expectations, strategy checked in with some of Canada’s unique content studios and specialist shops trusted with handling those new briefs to see how they’ve been reinventing and expanding their offerings.

The New Collaborators:

Collective IQ: Tearing down the silos

Salt XC: Rewriting the playbook

Globe Content Studio: What it takes to design better brand content

so.da: Cracking the content code