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Leave the stage with the audience wanting more

In his words, why Chapman is folding his agency, parting thoughts for the marketing world and what’s next for him.


Remembering a corporate rebel

Columnist Tony Chapman reflects on what we can learn from Steve Jobs.


Thinking or sinking in the sea of sameness

Tony Chapman and Ken Wong discuss how creativity should be regarded as an asset, a real tool and resource that is entrenched and deployed across more areas of the business.


First mover advantage without first mover risk

Capital C’s Tony Chapman advocates a new ad world order.


Weathering the impending store bomb

With Target and other big U.S. retailers set to hit Canada, strategy asked our retail marketing gurus to spend a day sharing their thoughts via email as to what will transpire.


Drinking adrenaline from a fire hose

Columnist Tony Chapman reflects on the last whirlwind decade to try to divine what it will take to succeed in the next one.


Remembering a marketing maverick

Capital C’s Tony Chapman pays tribute to legendary marketer Roger Baranowski.


Tony Chapman & Ken Wong: Renegade CMO – pick a letter from A to Z

In this series, Queen’s prof Ken Wong and Capital C CEO Tony Chapman tackle marketing challenges. This month they focus on the department store dilemma – specifically Zellers’ undifferentiated woes


Tony Chapman: Can mass and purpose co-exist?

I feel more excited than any time in my career; I wish I was 20, each day was 48 hours long and I could survive without sleep.


Survival tactics

In their ongoing email dialogue dissecting the big issues and pondering solutions from different vantage points, this month the Renegade CMOs tackle the economy. And they want your help . . .


The next MBA

The Renegade CMOs tackle the burning issue of raising the next business leaders, and once again end up challenging the industry to rally around Brand Canada.


Election rally

This month the Renegade CMOs – Queen’s prof Ken Wong and indie agency topper Tony Chapman – gird for election antics by challenging the ad industry to start its own campaign for Canada.


Whassup with all the blandvertising?

Queen’s prof Ken Wong and indie agency topper Tony Chapman continue to tackle the thorny marketing challenges and offer Renegade CMO solutions. This month, they ponder servicing the mega account.


Made in Canada ‘thought starters’

From: Tony Chapman


Wake up and smell the Genuine Draft

Hugo Powell’s ‘wake up’ call to the Canadian Advertising Congress is still being debated two months later … and my question is why?I grant that his remarks were carefully crafted, but the fear-based message of adding value ‘or else’ is one…