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Chipotle’s loyalty program is tops in Canada

The latest LoyalT study adopts a new methodology that captures how personalized content drives engagement.


Canadians are still focused on outdoor travel

According to a survey by Leger, even more people are planning for trips to local, outdoor destinations.


Reitmans and Simons top Leger retailer survey

The brands created the best in-store (Ontario) and online shopping experiences (Canada) during the pandemic.

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Loyalty program performance is dipping

Leger and R3′s survey shows Irving, Starbucks and Tims are top performers in a year where engagement is falling.


Astro puts probiotics front-and-centre

The Parmalat brand promotes ingredients that aid digestion.


Back in the September (grocery) swing

A new survey suggests most parents ramp up their meal planning when the school year begins.


Figures on food: How we eat, by the numbers

A recent survey provides some insight into Canadians’ meal habits.