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Oceana Canada 2022

Oceana gives a window into the dark side of seafood

The nonprofit ramps up its advocacy efforts to get action on issues like forced labour and overfishing.


High Liner gets a boost from its marketing investment

The company says it benefited from new national ad campaigns and a resilient supply chain in Q2.

OW Carson Ting logo

Ocean Wise refreshes its brand for conscious buyers

The non-profit that raises awareness about ocean conservation is helping shoppers make informed seafood purchases.


High Liner is going to market much more aggressively

The Nova Scotia-based frozen seafood company recently announced a doubling of Q2 profits as a result of its efforts.


Why hasn’t plant-based seafood taken off?

From Shopper Marketing Report: Unlike other proteins, it has failed to be caught up in the wave of flexitarian demand.


Simplicity and local could be key to seafood growth

Lagoon Seafood’s Blue Tide hopes its ready-to-eat offering can help increase Canadian brands’ share of the category.


Scout is taking canned seafood out of centre store

From Shopper Marketing Report: The brand aims to represent craftsmanship by moving to the deli and launching culinary tools.


How to premiumize seafood in a can

Scout Canning pivots from foodservice to consumer sales with the help of DTC sampling.

Clove Lead

Clover Leaf creates an ‘All Natural’ campaign story

The tuna brand hopes to spread awareness of its reformulated products and the fact that canned fish isn’t necessarily less healthy.