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So why should you care about blockchain?

BBDO’s Thomas Kenny and Zach Kula break down the marketing implications for the biggest buzzword in tech.


BBDO adds new VPs

Trent Thompson and Thomas Kenny have joined the shop as it looks to build its precision marketing capabilities.


Purpose, now more than ever: column

BBDO’s Thomas Kenny shows pop culture has come out swinging in the Age of Trump. Marketers should too.


Let’s be brave again

Taxi’s Thomas Kenny on why complacency and diminishing audiences mean the industry must create a better value exchange.


Five ways to cultivate creativity

Taxi’s Thomas Kenny shares ways to increase the likelihood of getting to a great idea (even if it starts out dumb).


Solving the ‘human problem’

Taxi’s Thomas Kenny on how the ad industry is taking the wrong approach to the creative brief.


The new social media realities

Taxi’s Thomas Kenny breaks down why brands have yet to adapt to the new social world.


Advertising made simple

Leo Burnett’s Thomas Kenny has some lessons on simplicity from music types.

Don’t be a dick: an ethical guide to advertising

Five rules for how to not be a jerk and alienate your consumers online from Leo Burnett’s Thomas Kenny.


The Facebook conundrum

Or “how I stopped worrying and loved the algorithm.” Leo Burnett’s Thomas Kenny looks at dealing with the fallout from FB’s changes.