A cross-country survey of media buying activity levels

Conventional broadcast TV
Buyers are finding it extremely tight with prices at a multi-year high.

Conventional broadcast TV

5 out of 5

Buyers are finding it extremely tight with prices at a multi-year high. Some are having problems getting the air time they need, more so than in previous years. Avails are just beginning to loosen up as large agencies begin to turn back overbooked inventory. Calgary and Edmonton are still very tight.

With specials pre-empting regular programming, there is concern about where broadcasters will find suitable make-goods. There is a sense that the whole industry is spending more TV dollars this year.

Specialty TV

4 out of 5

Specialty is doing well and there is difficulty getting air time on some networks. In Quebec, suppliers say inventory is tight, especially on Canal D, Vie and Series+ for October and November. MusiquePlus and Teletoon are also having inventory shortages this fall. Conventional broadcasters have increased their rates, so more buyers have turned to specialty.

Digital TV

1 out of 5

‘You can shoot a cannon through it.’ Lots of inventory and buyers can get whatever they want.


4 out of 5

At least a month lead time is required to purchase top stations in each market. When it comes to major retail events like Boxing Day, buyers say a three-month lead time is wise. Some stations are sold out in Vancouver and Toronto, but others are still available.

On the supplier side, sales in Toronto and Montreal are ahead of last year and inventory is tight. Automotive, both national brand and dealer expenditures, is up. Telecom is down. Multi-chain retail and local retail are strong across the country.


3.5 out of 5

On the buying side, newspapers are reportedly slower than the previous month in Quebec. Elsewhere there is the usual Christmas rush, but no more activity than last year.


3 out of 5

Buyers say the year has been good for magazines. Their December books are closing and they should see their commitments fulfilled.


3 out of 5

Average: Some deals are available, others are filling up. Because of higher price, there are still a lot of avails for prominent locations, superboards and murals.

Market meter ratings are determined by a national survey of both buyers and sellers of each medium.