Market Meter

A cross-country compendium of media-buying activity levels

Conventional broadcast TV

4.5 out of 5

Avails are slim in Ontario while Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are pretty much sold out. Still, some buyers are finding some selective inventory that’s loosened up for November and December that wasn’t there earlier. Much of what is available is high-priced.

The open inventory is likely due to programing that’s been shelved or cancelled, which means that some buyers are scrambling to find new slots for makegoods. Kids time is difficult to come by. Buyers say it’s too early to predict the status of the first quarter 2004.

Specialty TV

4 out of 5

The market is tight but as with conventional, some selected inventory is available. French-language specialties continue to gain in popularity with prime channels such RDS and RDI sold out.

Digital TV

1 out of 5

Not much action. The ratings still aren’t there.


3.5 out of 5

Airtime is tight in all major markets due to holiday season activity. Retail is quite hot. Edmonton has been more active than normal during this period. Stations are reluctant to do much discounting off rate card due to the demand of pre-Christmas airtime. Some key stations are sold out, but some top-rated stations are continuing to offer last-minute avails.


3.5 out of 5

Ad sales are on the upswing and publishers are crossing their fingers for a strong holiday season. Sun Media has just launched a new commuter paper called 24 hours to go up against the successful three-year-old Metro – see page 2 for details on the launch.


3 out of 5

No major changes in spending. Women’s service is still strong. Overall, 2003 has been a good year for magazines, although business-to-business books aren’t as healthy as the consumer publications.


4 out of 5

Prime locations are mostly sold out, but products with less demand, such as OMG Silver Boxes and Zoom/NewAd restobar posters, can still be found fairly easily.

Market Meter ratings are determined by a national survey of both buyers and sellers in each medium.