Best use of out-of-home: Winner

Agency/media operation

Agency/media operation

Initiative Media


Kellogg Canada


Kellogg’s Vector


$100,000 – $300,000

Media used



February to April 2003

Media team

Jennifer Fong, account planner, Initiative Media

Ryan Bernal, account services, Initiative Media

Sarah Ivey, VP strategic planning, Initiative Media

The background

Vector Meal Replacement and Vector Energy Bar offer a unique lineup of sports nutrition products, providing ‘fuel for performance’ to active health-conscious adults. Vector Meal Replacement is the first and only meal replacement in a flaked format, while the Vector Energy Bar provides great-tasting food energy in a convenient bar format.

The gym is a critical place to build awareness and credibility for sports nutrition products. Existing Vector users are up to three times as likely to go to the gym as the average Canadian. It was crucial to speak to the target where they sweat.

The goal was to build a powerful and exciting program that would drive awareness and trial of Vector in the right place, at the right time, to the right audience.

The specific objectives were:

* to build athletic credibility for the brand as ‘fuel for performance’

* to build awareness and trial for the new Vector Energy Bars

* to maximize exposure for the Vector franchise at ‘points of sweat’

The plan

Placing Vector at critical points of sweat was the idea behind this campaign. Select fitness clubs were blanketed with custom creative and media communicating the essence of the brand: ‘fuel for performance.’

Tying into the creative ‘What keeps you going?’ the communication at points of sweat throughout the health club positioned Vector as your own personal trainer, encouraging you in a humorous and engaging way.

Vector dominated the gym with backlights, posters, postcards, stickers, sampling programs, Vector Gear giveaways and personal trainers with Vector T-shirts reading ‘I Yell Because I Care.’

The base campaign took place in 270 clubs across Canada (188 English and 82 French) from Feb. 3 to April 7, 2003. Eighty clubs were augmented with points of sweat media.

The total campaign included awareness-building elements such as:

* 915 posters, two executions

* 300 backlights, one execution

Credibility/point-of-sweat elements included:

* 800 customized place-based stickers, eight executions

* Vectorized Personal Trainer Gear: 20 jackets, 300 T-shirts

* 4,500 Vector Gear giveaways, including water bottles, workout towels, and Vector bandanas

* 70,000+ Vector postcards, featuring sports nutrition tips, positive affirmation and a coupon to encourage trial

Trial and sampling elements:

* 160,000 full-size Vector Energy Bar Chocolate Chip samples, plus 75-cent coupons to encourage additional trial

* Vectorized sampling teams, 110 strong

* over the course of the campaign, 230,000 coupons were distributed via the bar and the postcards

The results

The effort reached over 850,000 club members per week and over-delivered against our estimated gross impressions of 1.5 million.

The campaign was well received by both club and staff members.

In addition to positive consumer feedback, the campaign also delivered strong in-market and shipment results with positive gains in share, awareness and trial with the target.

The judges rave…

‘Fitness clubs may have been a no-brainer, but you have to admire how the full program is inextricably woven into the brand positioning and the workout experience – and not a single exposure wasted. Along with strong market results, the positive anecdotal feedback from the audience is evidence of the real win. The campaign clearly resonated with them. They accepted it. Enjoyed it, even. Hell, they want more.’

‘The plan demonstrated a clear vision and used all opportunities to leverage the points of sweat strategy. This media plan didn’t just effectively deliver a message – it enhanced it.’