There's no better time than summer to load up on eye candy. Here's what y'all saw that impressed you (and us).

There’s no better time than summer to load up on eye candy. Here’s what y’all saw that impressed you (and us).

Cadbury’s Bubbly Board

Forget about just talking about the bubbles. Cadbury’s taken it to new heights with its Montreal billboards rigged up to pop out the real thing.

Luc Mérineau at Publicis Canada (Montreal) takes credit for the brains behind this baby, while Viacom and Electronique get the kudos for the (tech) brawn.

Starbucks Shaken Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade

Is that a mirage in the middle of Toronto? Nope. It’s a crafty piece of art with some perfectly placed reflective hand-cut disks, floating freely on pins that brings this wet-looking wall to life…. Too bad we don’t have a ladder; we could snatch it off the billboard and knock it back.

Toronto-based Echo Advertising & Marketing collaborated with Toronto-based Cieslok Media to make their slick vision come to life.

Advertising Agency Association of BC

Talk about an attention-grabber. This ingenious billboard starts off plain and simple but check it two weeks later and there’s one bird crashed through, then a few weeks later three more are added and eventually it turns into a gaggle of nine smash-ups.

Creative director Kai Clemen and creative duo Jason Lee and Jason McCormick at Vancouver-based Wasserman & Partners developed the idea but it was Pattison Outdoor who brushed up on its ornithology.

Mentos Mints

Tailored for both men and women to ogle (check out the mint placement) these MiniBoards are not only eye-catching but also have dispenser units built in so patrons are able to sample the product.

Leave it to two women – Jean-Marie Bédard and Esther Thomassin from Cossette Communication Group’s Blitz Direct Data and Promotion in Montreal to come up with a tasty bosom/buttock-like mint campaign.

Pepsi’s 7UP Citrus Splash

Want one? Too bad, they’re just for display. But what a hell of a display. It looks like you can just pluck one of Pepsi’s 7UP Citrus drinks out of that cool, air-conditioned Toronto bus shelter wall.

Viacom gets the credit for the air-con hook-up but BBDO Canada’s creative team in Toronto gets top honours for devising a campaign that would drive a thirsty person insane.