Terri Breker

Terri Breker

Terri Breker

Marketing services manager, BC Lions Football Club

Terri Breker is going into her eighth year with the BC Lions sports club. Recently promoted, she now covers all creative development, implementation and branding strategies. At press time, the latest in a series of very funny (and award-winning) ads by Rethink to encourage the occasional fans back into the stands were about to launch. ‘This season we’re focusing on attracting young male ‘fence sitters’ who are thinking about attending.’ But who exactly have the folks at Rethink decided to target? ‘The metrosexual,’ she says. We’re giggling already.

Pick #1

Campaign: Axe

Agencies: Segal Communications, Wilcox Group, PHD, Dashboard

The concept: A multiplatform campaign that plays on the theme that it’s possible for normal guys to land hot women.

Why do you like it?

The campaign takes an average guy and makes him appealing to a very attractive female audience. I think it’s clever how they use a little bit of humour, sex appeal, cool factor and throw it all together. The guys here [at BC Lions HQ] say that it’s probably some of the best-male targeted work they’ve seen.

Why is it effective?

The whole campaign is effective because it doesn’t matter which [execution] you’re seeing, you get the same result. It’s very consistent and very well done.

What consumer insight has it tapped into?

They’ve done a really good job of making the average guy feel good about himself.