Intro and process



It was another strong year for the country’s media agencies. Things are going so well, in fact, that the former-number-crunchers-turned-ad-industry-darlings are gearing up – in the very immediate future and beyond – to ‘quarterback all strategy initiatives.’ At least that’s what our Media Director of the Year thinks.

This individual is also behind the top media agency, according to our poll, and also touts the industry’s hottest talent, an award we’ve titled Media Agency Rising Star.

Yes, it was a bit of a clean sweep. But despite one agency’s dominance in our annual Media Agency of the Year competition, media shops across the board have a lot to celebrate.


How do you get to be Media Agency of the Year?

The winner is determined by a confidential poll of top media sellers across the country.

* Over 800 people at TV networks, magazines, websites, newspapers, outdoor and other media companies were contacted by e-mail and asked to visit a secure voting Web site.

* Upon visiting the site, voters listed and rated the agencies they interacted with in the past year on a scale of 1 to 10.

* The scores for each operation were based on three factors:

1. General: Is the company well organized? Does it have professional personnel? Is it up-to-date in its attitudes, data and techniques? Is it imaginative in its general approach to media? Is it responsive to new ideas and recommendations?

2. Planning: Does the company show a strong understanding of your particular medium? Does it develop a strategic approach to looking at problems and opportunities?

3. Buying: Is the company likely to get the best efficiencies for the client’s dollar? Does it excel at negotiating the best all-round value for advertisers?

* We then averaged the numerical scores from the sellers, and the operation with the highest overall score won.

Media Director of the Year

Each seller we surveyed was also asked to nominate an individual for the Media Director of the Year award.

* When rating the nominees, sellers were asked to consider such criteria as knowledge of the media industry, creativity in coming up with innovative media solutions and openness to new ideas.

* The media director or president who received the most nominations won.

Media Agency Rising Star

Strategy asked media agency brass to identify their hot new talent, and then we profiled the top 10 in our August and September issues. All 10 were listed on the voting site with a brief description of each campaign they were nominated for. We asked media sellers whose thinking impressed them the most, and the person with the most votes won.