Bronze: McDonald’s to Cossette: Lovin’ it!



Unemployment in Alberta is at an all-time low. Part-time workers, especially young adults, are in high demand and employers are in fierce competition to hire them. McDonald’s Canada wanted to separate itself from the rest of the QSRs and restaurant pack by providing a more compelling job opportunity to attract Alberta’s youth.

B!G idea

Many of the details surrounding this case are proprietary, but Cossette and its planning arm, Nucleus, took the time to understand the dynamics that drive youth employment. With learning in hand, McDonald’s refocused its comprehensive employee program to increase its relevance and launched the current, ‘McDonald’s Works for Me’ employee campaign.


Says Laurie Laykish, VP marketing, McDonald’s Canada: ‘We have seen a considerable increase in job applications since the campaign launched in the Alberta market and our stores remain open while many others are closed.’