How to eat and drink your way around the world

Number of cartons of Tropicana orange juice to London: 6,000. Number of boxes of Cap'n Crunch to New York: 1,500.

Number of cartons of Tropicana orange juice to London: 6,000. Number of boxes of Cap’n Crunch to New York: 1,500.

Thanks to a new partnership between Aeroplan and Pepsi-QTG Canada, you can now mow your way to a jet-setting lifestyle. The deal marks the first time a CPG co has partnered with Aeroplan to create a loyalty program whereby consumers can earn 10 Aeroplan Miles by digging into Quaker oatmeal, Life cereal or Tropicana juices.

Logging the miles is a bit tricky. It requires searching for a secret 16-digit PIN hidden in the product packaging, and plugging it, along with an Aeroplan number, into a web site devoted to the program: or

‘Consumers are pretty used to the card swipe,’ says Rob Shields, VP partnerships at Aeroplan, acknowledging that this new style of logging points does create an extra barrier for the consumer. However, he reports that early response has exceeded expectations: ‘In testing and consumer research people did not say it was too much work.’

While Shields admits the technology could be easier, he says the Pepsi-QTG deal is just the tip of the CPG iceberg. ‘It’s a huge opportunity for retailers and CPGs to get access to their customers,’ says Shields, who reveals Aeroplan is in talks with other CPG brands. ‘There is a bit of a hurdle with consumers, but from the business-to-business standpoint the hurdles are minimal,’ he says.

And just how many rewards is Aeroplan handing out? According to the company Aeroplan issued 1.35 million round trip rewards in 2005, up from 1.2 million in 2004.