Jelena Cosic, online account assistant, ZenithOptimedia – Innovative online gets phone ringing

Claim to fame

Claim to fame

Cosic is getting a reputation for being a quick study in interactive, with a great aptitude for planning due to her eagerness to explore.

She especially likes a Puma campaign she did, which launched in April to raise awareness among trendy, sporty consumers of Puma’s new French 77 clothing line. It allowed her to work directly and creatively with websites. Cosic says, ‘With and I was allowed to create placements that aren’t typical.’ Martiniboys let her art direct placements within the pages along with a never-been-done-before splash page takeover.

Cosic says: ‘It went over so well that the chief editor at Martiniboys received dozens of phone calls from other agencies dying to do the same thing. Bacardi did it the day ours came down.’

The campaign also appeared on, with a lifestyle takeover involving skins, roadblocks and other images.


Cosic took creative advertising at the International Academy of Design and Technology and was eager to start anywhere in the ad world upon graduation last year. ‘I took a position

in online media with Zenith and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I’m hooked.’


What brand is getting it right?

Windows Vista. Almost every day for a week they took over a different online property and pushed the content around to show the operating system in action. It was extremely hard to miss – once you stopped freaking out and wondering where the home page had gone. And they actually gave you a product sample, which is very cool. On a creative note, I don’t know if anyone else noticed the ad changing on every site to incorporate the page, so if it was on MSN you’d see an MSN page in there. This was really clever.

Which brand would you most want to work on?

Cake Beauty ( It’s tiny but with the right advertising it could definitely flourish. If you get a chance to try them, do it – you really smell like a cake. For a brand like this there would be a lot of sampling, but online, because technology has yet to give us a scented screen, I would love to plant the seed to get a viral campaign started. Just picture people posting things on YouTube – like being followed when they used the product.

Are opportunities missed due to caution?

Clients like investing in proven results. I would love to see a client come up with two budgets – one for traditional and the second for exploring new opportunities. That would be a dream come true.

What common industry practice should be trashed?

Creative and media working as separate entities on the same campaign should be a thing of the past. You can have award-winning creative along with the top placements for a particular target, but if they don’t complement each other, the campaign’s potential is impacted.

What’s the next big thing?

Online video. It takes TV – the medium people love – and puts the viewer in control. Most websites are becoming broadcast channels, opening up a whole new opportunity for advertisers.