Panago Pizza: Takeout for foodies

When the moon hits your eye like Panago's pizza pie...

Who: Panago Pizza, Vancouver

What: The Panago Cucina product range, a line of Italian-style take-home packaged food products – olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives, seasonings, dips and beverages – sold exclusively in Panago Pizza’s 160 restaurants from B.C. to Ontario.

Revolutionary rationale: Bridging the gap between the foodie cook-at-home crowd and the takeout pizza crowd. ‘At the end of the day, love and passion for quality food is a very mainstream idea,’ says VP marketing Alex Green. ‘These products are designed to be both approachable and mainstream in their appeal. For people who aren’t familiar with products like these, we’re trying to drive some of that familiarity with great value price points so that we can get them into people’s homes and share our knowledge so they can experience new things, so that a balsamic vinegar doesn’t seem quite as foreign as it once did.’

Design insight: A unique, contemporary feel that would be associated with a boutique-style specialty grocery. The packaging is lively and colourful with an Italian sensibility, to reinforce the fun positioning of the sub-brand. ‘This line is branded under Panago Cucina to focus on the Panago kitchen. We have a full-time executive chef, which is unique for our category, so this represents those skills, ideas, and passion. We wanted to showcase that by having a sub-brand that all of these products would live within.’

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