American Eagle: what the label says about the folks that wear it

Feroz, 17, Mississauga, ON

Feroz, 17, Mississauga, ON

Favourite brand: American Eagle

Ubiquitous in malls across the country, American Eagle Outfitters targets 15- to 25-year-old girls and guys with polo shirts and preppy pants your mother would love. The retailer has expanded from the flagship – which has over 950 locations in the U.S. and Canada – into three other banners: Aerie for girls, Martin + Osa for adults and 77kids for the younger set.


This brand appeals to me because…it has a cool image. A person wearing this brand exudes a certain fresh aura.

This brand is for people who…like a good fit. I am not up for wearing the 4XXL shirts that some wear. This brand is for people who want to look cool AND respectable.

If I could change this brand I would…make it even cheaper. That means I can buy even more of it.

This brand says that I’m… young.

This brand logo reminds me of…Air Force One logo. The whole eagle thing looks kind of strong, confident and mean.

I see this brand’s advertising and I…get jealous. The models used in these ads are always very good looking and well dressed.

I would hang an ad from this brand on my…wall. I would love to have a huge American Eagle poster in my room.

I would tattoo this brand logo on my…I really wouldn’t tattoo it anywhere on my body. That’s kind of weird. However, I’d tattoo it on my binder.

I would stop loving/buying this brand if…it increased its prices. A big factor for me is price. Hiking prices shows me that American Eagle thinks it’s TOO cool now. A brand needs to be down to earth for me to like them. Fortunately, right now, Am Eagle is pretty down to earth.

This brand matters to the world because…they are a responsible company. If I am not mistaken, they give a discount to customers returning jeans for charities.

If this brand were a person, how old would it be? My age.

Would it be male or female? Male – Eagle, American…presents a manly image to me.


The things in life that are most important to me are… After all is said and done, your family will always love and support you. Having this unconditional love gives me strength to do what I want. I consider my friends a second family. They also support me and serve as confidants. When you can’t tell your family something, friends are a good option.

My friends would describe me as…witty, funny, cool.

The characteristic that I value most in a friend is…honesty.

The accomplishments that I’m most proud of are…winning DECA (student business and marketing organization Distributive Education Clubs of America) and qualifying to represent Ontario/Canada at the international competition in California. Coming second in volleyball in the region.

The one thing that worries me most about the future is…the economic situation. Going into Business/Commerce studies, the current state of the economy is actually quite scary. I would want to have a job when I graduate.

My style…depends on my mood: urban (Ecko, Jordan), preppy (American Eagle, Hollister, Aéropostale).

The brands that I like are all…usually preppy brands. I like to look and smell good and exude the fact that I try to look good. Preppy brands accomplish that for me.

My criteria for becoming loyal to a brand includes…fair price, good advertising, environmentally friendly, how much others like them (sad to admit, but it is true).

The technology I rely most on is…my cell phone because it keeps me connected no matter where I am.

TV or internet? Internet. It’s TV and then some. I can watch TV shows, movies, do homework, stay connected, look up stuff. It’s the ultimate entertainment centre with even more potential.

The thing that people don’t understand about me is… that I can also be emotional. Being a guy, you have to keep up a macho image. For those who don’t know me, they only see a two-dimensional Feroz. Of course, there is more to me than meets the eye.

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