Joshua Perets: why Quebec teens love their JP

Kanol, 15, Montreal, QC

Kanol, 15, Montreal, QC

Favourite brand: Joshua Perets

The textile equivalent of puppy love, Quebec-based Joshua Perets’ instantly recognizable streetwear comes in trendy bubblegum shades with big logos that appeal to Hannah Montana and Britney Spears fans alike. With eight locations in Quebec and one in Ottawa, this brand (formerly Pink & Co), founded in 2001, appeals to females aged eight to 18. To hit this target, the retailer focuses on radio and transit advertising, with point-of-sale and web promotions such as the February ticket giveaway for the Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie, for which it teamed up with Montreal-based Communication Popcorn. POS promotions in six Montreal locations drove to where fans could win tickets to the preview screening.


This brand appeals to me because…it’s flashy and has lots of bright colours.

This brand is for…young females that want to stand out.

If I could change this brand I would…take out the name Joshua and maybe only put JP as it already does on some of its clothing.

This brand logo reminds me of…puppy love (dog in a heart), my friend Joshua.

In my daily life I see this brand…everywhere around me. In school all the girls have something from that brand.

I have been to this brand’s website…twice, to check what’s on special and to take a look to see if I could buy a top online because there wasn’t any left at the store.

I would hang an ad from this brand on my…locker door.

I would tattoo this brand logo on…the back of my neck.

If this brand were a person, how old would it be? Would it be male or female? 20 and female.


My style is…’street chic’ – Babyphat, Apple Bottom, Chanel, Joshua Perets.

In my life, I aspire to be…a computer engineer, a traveller, the best person I can be.

The brands that I like are all…either shiny or bright colours, or colours that contrast well.

My criteria for becoming loyal to a brand includes…liking it, and not just because other people are sporting it.

The technology I rely most on is…my laptop, because it has the internet and that’s where I go to if I need concrete information.

If I was given $1,000, I would buy…an iPhone.

The thing that people don’t understand about me is…that I have a lot of different types of tastes and personalities. I can be sporty yet girly in like 10 minutes…and that’s not bizarre it’s just me!

The last ad I watched on YouTube was…a long time ago and it was called Dove ‘Evolution,’ where an average woman was transformed into a perfect woman/supermodel.

When I talk about ads with my friends we usually talk about…songs in the ads or if we thought it was funny…like the Toyota Matrix 2009 ad featuring Evren’s song ‘Do I Go.’

One ad that changed my mind about the product it was selling was…the Dove one that I mentioned above kind of contradicts the purpose of the products they sell. They sell beauty products yet they advertise about natural beauty; that made the company less appealing and thought it was kind of hypocritical.

My advice to brands who want to get my attention is to use…a catchy song, like the Telus commercials. Also, compare it to other places that are generally more expensive. if you’re selling a manicure set mention that if you go get it done at a salon you’ll have to pay $40 to get it done once and it will last only for a week or two, but this you can use it many times.

Advertising can serve a positive role for people my age because…it has in the past. Advertisements for foundations like the ones for breast cancer made me want to help out. The ones selling environmentally friendly products also encouraged me to be environmentally friendly because they are taking effort to create them, so the least I can do is use them.

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