Gift Wrap: Koodo’s Gingerbread Man streaks the streets of TO

The mobile operator has released a Choose Your Own Adventure-style series of YouTube vids that let users decide the fate of the Gingerbread Man.

Koodo’s ubiquitous ‘Gingerbread Man’ campaign took an unexpected turn this week with the launch of a new Choose Your Own Adventure-style online video series called ‘Sugar Streak.’

The live-action video series, which can be found on Koodo’s YouTube channel, features a crazed gingerbread man running through the streets of Toronto. The tagline underneath the video reads ‘Can you catch the Gingerbread Man? Prove it!’ At the end of each video, the viewer gets to choose what new direction the Gingerbread Man will take to escape…or not.

Created by Toronto’s Taxi 2, ‘Sugar Streak’ is an extension of the ‘Gingerbread Man’ media campaign – Koodo’s cheeky take on a holiday theme – that is currently running nationally. The Sugar Streak videos, however, are being promoted with their own messaging and a media buy by Media Experts targeting teen-friendly hangouts.

An outdoor poster campaign with a ‘Wanted’ theme has been rolled out in Toronto and Vancouver and washroom vinyls are up in Montreal. A rich media campaign starts online today on the Microsoft network and 15-second spots are running on digital screens in food courts and transit stations in the above-mentioned cities. Additionally, a Koodo rich media banner will appear today on the YouTube homepage to kick things off.

The campaign to promote the Sugar Streak vids will run through December, but the videos will remain online and active for awhile to come, said Caleb Goodman, group account director, Taxi 2.