Ad Week 2010 brings heavy-hitters to town

Social and online media topics are front and centre at the annual Toronto advertising conference.

It’s a brave new world out there, and at this year’s Advertising Week 2010, Arianna Huffington will be talking about it.

On Jan. 26, the RCM Telus Centre for Performance and Learning will be the venue for the Toronto Star-sponsored 4 p.m. speech by the co-founder and editor of the progressive news website The Huffington Post.

Huffington will discuss new online media trends and explain her own vision of a hybrid traditional and new media model.

It’s just one of many events scheduled for the Jan. 25 to Jan. 29 conference, held in various venues around Toronto.

Also on Jan. 26, environmental defender Robert Kennedy Jr. will speak about ideas, tools and inspiriation in leading social change.

Other highlights include Wednesday’s 4 p.m. presentation of Microsoft Advertising’s Jason Dailey discussing unified experiences through multi-platform campaigns. Dailey will demonstrate his points using examples of a recent Harry Potter campaign that crossed, XBox Live, computer, and mobile.

On Thursday night, the CASSIES will honour deserving marketers and agencies in Canada’s award show dedicated to recognizing business effectiveness of advertising.

On Friday, the action returns to the ROM for Google Canada’s Jonathan Lister, who will outline the evolution of online video and how it impacts social marketing and communication spaces.

During the entire Jan. 25 to Jan. 29 conference, The Radio Marketing Bureau and members of the CHUM radio/CTVglobemedia, Astral Media, Rogers Media, Milestone and MZ Media radio chains will host a social networking happy hour at Lobby Bar from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to help everyone unwind.