Movin’ on up

Check out five of this year's big climbers.

Juniper Park
Last year: #33
Spots moved: 25

Thanks in large part to their work for Frito-Lay North America (see p. 29 for details), Juniper Park was the biggest jumper this year. The agency also gathered accolades for their work with bakery Eini & Co., making cupcakes with icing flowers that look so good, even a hummingbird can’t tell the difference. And a drowned rubber ducky floating inside a transit shelter ad with the tagline “A child can drown in an inch of water” promoted Water Safety Week for the Canadian Red Cross.

Saatchi & Saatchi
Last year: #29
Spots moved: 18

Saatchi got a little cheeky this year, a strategy that helped them move up a respectable 18 spots. Their CMA-winning work for the Toyota Matrix involved a fictional device called the “Potentialmatic” available only to Matrix test drivers and promoted with purposely cheesy infomercial-style ads. The agency even made flatulence cute with ads for Gas-X that featured household items like chess pieces shunning one of their gaseous counterparts. And in transit ads for Toronto skate shop So Hip it Hurts, they took the “hurt” part literally with bloody sidewalks and snow and taglines like, “If at first you don’t succeed, we sell helmets.”

Last year: #27
Spots moved: 14

Not only did Target dominate the ICE Awards this year, they swept up a few national awards as well thanks to their stunning work for Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism. The “Fresh Air” campaign reminded residents of the smoggy city of Toronto that NL offers a clean break – literally – by commissioning an artist to paint a beautiful coastline on a highway billboard. Breathtaking landscapes also dominated print ads and TV spots.
Target also won Best of Show at ICE for its Canadian Sea Turtle Network DM. An issue of National Geographic magazine (in which the CSTN was featured) was sent out in a fishing net, urging people to free the leatherbacks.

Doug Agency
Last year: #25
Spots moved: 10

Doug has its work for the Canadian Film Centre to thank for its rise up the ranks. The CFC’s ads for the Worldwide Short Film Festival featured gentlemen with short attention spans easily distracted by the simplest things. In one spot, a young man on a park bench watches in shock as a catastrophe unfolds before his eyes, only to miss the climax when a leaf floats past him. The campaign scored big internationally, bringing in Silvers at Cannes and the One Show.

Last year: #17
Spots moved: 8

Lg2 dominated the Créa Awards this year, winning a Grand Créa for their campaign for Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. In TV spots, a king, queen and jack push gamblers to make harmful decisions, and OOH features a lenticular image that turns the picture of a child into that of a playing card with the tagline, “When the game takes over.”
The agency also won for Rendez-vous Naval du Québec with black and white print ads that turned the Quebec City skyline into that of a ship, as well as campaigns for Lunetterie Sears, Brunet and more.

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